Oars for rowing boats

Remi per barche da canottaggio Braca Sport


Big blade is the traditional hatchet/cleaver blade style. It was designed using computer-aided design(CAD) to improve performance characteristics by enhancing the blade shape and position and geometry of the spline
The main performance characteristics of this blade are:

  • Low air drag
  • Greatest surface area at the tip


This is the latest and most advanced 3-dimentional blade shape, based on the original wing shape design and world’s first smooth blade without the center spline. The blade thickness gradually decreases from the shaft towards the edges for even force distribution and mechanical stability.
Key performance characteristics of DWB are:

  • Extremely stable performance throughout the entire length of the stroke
  • Clean catch, finish and recovery
  • Firm stroke line and reduced slippage in the water
  • Provides maximum turbulence free water contact area
  • Very forgiving in the instance of technical errors
  • Easy to handle and great comfort for the rower
  • Low air drag during recovery


This blade is the most advanced and best balanced elliptical 3-dimensional blade shape. The main concepts of FUSION blade design are in maximing the performance of the catch, drive, finish and recovery simultaneously
Key performances characteristics of FUSION BLADE are:

  • Extremely clean and instant catch enabling immediate application of maximum power as soon as the blade enters the water
  • Increased stability during the drive phase by eliminating vibrations throughout the entire length of the stroke
  • Extra smooth and stable finish at the end of the stroke by removing jolt and shake occurences at the exit
  • Low air drag during recovery


This is an all-time classic and has been used by rowers for many years. It is preferred by recreational rowers and it is a very good learning tool for novice rowers, helping them to focus on basic boat moving skills and will teach them how to row better
The main performance characteristics of MACON blade are:

  • Central spine
  • Symmetric tulip shape


This is the original world’s first elliptical 3-dimensional innovative blade shape and was disegned using advance kinetic, biomechanical and material science concepts. The main concepts of this revolutionary blade design are in the 3-dimensional curved shape and thickness of the blade and in the position and geometry of the spline. The edge of the spline runs parallel under the level of the blade edges. The thickness of this blade is at the minimum level permitted by current FISA rules The result is an extremely well balanced, double spooned blade with excellent aero and hydrodynamics.
Key performances characteristics of SHARP BLADE are:

  • Extremely high rowing efficiency throughout the entire length of the stroke
  • Smooth(water) catch and recovery
  • Ideal stability during the stroke
  • Low air-drag during recovery




This model features a special and exclusive surface design and all the high-performance characteristics of the ULTRALIGHT type. The surface of the shaft and the blade are finished with unidirectional and woven 100% high modulus carbon (HMC) fabrics to highlight the hi-tech nature of the product.



This is the most advanced and sophisticated design. It represents the highest level of technology offered by BRACA SPORT. They have the highest level of performance characteristics. This is achieved by using their proprietary multi-layer and multi-characteristic lay-up methods of their proprietary 100% high modulus carbon(HMC) fabrics.



This is an advanced design and a unique material combination that has the highest possible impact resistance and durability. They are lower in carbon content and are 20% heavier than the ultralight type. This is a good choice for club or scholastic programs where durability and performance are a key factor.



This is a unique design with further- reduced carbon content which continues to provide excellent performance characteristics. They maintain high impact resistance and weigh only 11% more that the standard type. This is a cost effective solution for the casual and recreational rower.