Fittings for rowing boats

  • Cod. 64
    Light weight aluminum trestle for rowing boats, is possible to make it in the colors, written and logos for Clubs and Federations
  • Cod. 33C
    Adjuster for carbon riggers new model
  • Cod. 33A
    Adjuster for pin
  • Cod. 33
    Oar inclination adjuster pocket
  • Cod. 32
    Oar inclination adjuster
  • Cod. 32A
    Inclination adjuster for stretcher
  • Cod. 35-2
    Set of numbers FISA tipe with customizable writing
  • Cod. 74
    Self centering pitch gauge

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  • Cod. 70
    Alluminium ruler for riggers height adjustment
  • Cod. 75
    Support for pitch operations
  • Cod. 64A-1
    Nylon tape for trestles
    Cod. 73
    Nylon straps for boat fixing
  • Cod. 35
    Set of numbers from n. 1 to n. 8. Only 1 piece available too.
    Cod. 7
    Nylon plate holder